Technology and profit

U2 Mirage is a machine specially designed to be located in small places, in amusement arcades, bowling alleys, shopping centres and similar areas.
This 2 seats simulator is automatically coin operated, completely self contained, provided with a main powered hydraulic system and a computerized system responsible for its control and safety.
The simulator can run 40 people per hour and its structure as well as the innovative external design form an excellent balance of comfort and attraction.
Next to the main platform there is a small consolle provided with a relay monitor for promotional purposes, a mini rack containing the electronic system and the coin device.
Special proximity sensors all around the cabin provide safety for the public while microswitches at the access doors and emergency buttons ensure passengers' safety.
Moreover, a self positioning system in case of general breakdown or blackout avoids abrupt and unwelcome landings.

At the limits of the simulation

Ferretti offers the entusiast 40 filmed sequences, all obtained through the most advanced digital techniques. The simulator ios already planned to work with new rides having characters who interact with the passengers provoking unforgettable emotions in both to children and adults who won't be able to resist taking another ride.The real secret of the success of this simulator is the synchronization and realization techniques of the movements with the filmed sequence. This determines the quality level of the machine finally resulting in the purpose to entertain. A stereo surround, a professional 36 inch. Llcd monitor and anatomic seats decisively contribute to high level of comfort and reality so far unmatched in such low cost devices.

Simulation System:
3 Cylinders technology

Video System:


Sound System
Stereo Digital Dolby Surround

Safety System:

TUV Essen approved